I´m a Multidisciplinary artist, born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have worked in projects for corporations, public and private spaces, interior and exterior design with sculpture and objects of all sort of dimensions. I have a workshop, with a great work team that have experience in sculpting, cultural and artistic projects, for every kind of clients.

About My Work

My work consist in understanding the space and the people that inhabit or work in it. Every single piece is unique and unrepeatable because every person is different and I get inspired from him or her. I work with different materials: steel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and wood. My design process is similar to an architect’s process: first, I analyze the space in which I will construct the sculptures; then I make drafts and models, giving the customer at least three different choices.

In Ecuador, I have worked with a great variety of clients, from corporations, to private homes, which allows me to have a flexibility in my costs, giving equal importance to both of them, without losing the quality of my job. My team is professionally equipped to produce every kind of artwork and we are capable to send the job to the place where the client needs, worldwide.

Each work is exclusive and personalized to the taste and measure of every client.


I count with a specialized team that works in different constructive techniques in a 400-m2 space. Between our tools, you can find technical equipment for welding, putty and painting for the best results and details.


“Her production begins at the late 80s and goes from the installation, photography and video, to scenography, preparation of expositions or the creation of corporative monuments, covering every aspect related to creativity from the sculptural view. Her work clearly translates to the observer different aspects: like the praise, spiritual sacrifice, the questioning of problems related to the gender and social rites, ecological criticism, history, politics, to the testimony of the solitude, margination and injustice.”